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David Toews

Tri Country Scrap Metals

"We recommend anyone looking for verified, trustworthy and reliable scrap connections for ALL metal recycling aspects to join. In this business it's not what you know about the industry, it's who you know in the industry!"

Jacco Maas

Cronimet Holland

"I think that people should join Scrap Connection, because Chris and his passioned team have a good view on how the scrap business will evolve in the near future into a more efficient and safe way of doing business using their trading platform."

Gautam Ganeriwal

MS Agarwal Foundries

"Our first deal through Scrap Connection was the purchase of 500 MT of shredded steel. I was honestly very surprised about the competitive price that we got. Response time on the whole process was very good as well. Overall the platform is competitive comparing it to traditional channels."

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